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22 Aug

Boyhous and Champ – Hand that Fists You

Go check out the entire scene at Fisting Central

13 Jun

Last Sunday night on @cam4…..

19 Apr

(set 2) Boyhous and Element Eclipse –  Dude! Where’s My Watch?

19 Apr

Boyhous and Element Eclipse - Dude! Where’s My Watch?

17 Apr

17 Apr

30 Mar

Hole Busters 9 – Club Inferno

19 Jan

ass control (from last Saturday night on @cam4)

17 Jan

@cam4 fun!! 43 minute clip taken from last Thursday night’s live broadcast (1-10-13)

13 Jan

@tonyBuff Tony?  Can we talk? the latest release….that title.. “Dude! Where’s My Watch?” It’s fucking hilarious!!! Classic!!

But all giggles aside…you’re not saying..or maybe implying… that I..

wait..never mind. I’m being all paranoid and silly. sorry to bother you.